When God’s task/call seems impossible


If you were to encounter me at the park with my kites you might think that I was crazy if you watched me. First, you would observe me launching a green delta kite.

As you watch it rise into the sky, it would appear to dance and move erratically as it ascends through various wind speeds fighting it’s way through the turbulent wind eddies. After a few minutes, if all goes well you would notice the kite in stable flight and very high up! I would then cause the kite to begin moving through out the wind window (various clock positions relative to my position) to search out the boundaries and strength of wind. Why would I disrupt the stable flight?

Glad that you asked. There is a method to this seemingly disruptive flight. I first launch the smaller kite to “learn” “discover” the wind speeds at various heights and angles to get ready for an even bigger launch!

The smaller kite shows me the “where” and “how” in relation to proper kite flying before launching the more powerful parafoil kite. In some ways, our lives are like kites in the wind of God’s Ways! God will at times disrupt our stability! Have you considered that the seemingly unrelated and “difficult” moments of your life might be part of God’s work in your life to prepare you for His unique purpose(s)?

Some days it seems “impossible” to fly a kite especially when the winds are shifting or very low. But this is inconsequential in comparison to what Abraham, Sarah, and Moses faced in their lives! Join me as we examine various quotes/insights from Oswald Chambers and Jon Bloom that will encourage and challenge your faith.

What Enoch, Abraham, and Moses have in common

At first glance, it would seem that Enoch, Abraham/Sarah and Moses don’t have much in common! All four walked with God daily facing various trials and important tasks. Abraham and Moses tried to “help” God along with His plan. Sarah encouraged Abraham to have a son via Hagar. Moses observed an Egyptian taskmaster mistreating Hebrew workers. Moses struck down this Egyptian and fled into the desert. Abraham brought conflict and jealousy into his household.

God had a special plan for each of the individuals involved. His plan was ultimately fulfilled! Chambers refers to “getting into God’s stride.” He uses the example of Enoch and later Moses. Remember that God took Enoch to heaven. Link to good article about Enoch with relevant scriptural references:


Chambers writes

In learning to walk with God, there is always the difficulty of getting into His stride, but once we have done so, the only characteristic that exhibits itself is the very life of God Himself. The individual person is merged into a personal oneness with God, and God’s stride and His power alone are exhibited.” October 12

The important factor in God’s plan is our daily walking with God. We want to “see the bigger picture.” Chambers reminds us that “He has different ways of doing things, and we have to be trained and disciplined in His ways.” God trains and disciplines us on a daily basis. As finite humans, we often find ourselves grappling with God and His Infinite Ways! We need eyes of faith to properly discern God’s movement(s) in our lives and plans!

It’s God’s Spirit that changes the atmosphere of our way of looking at things, and then things begin to be possible which before were impossible. Getting into God’s stride means nothing less than oneness with Him. It takes a long time to get there, but keep at it. Don’t give up because the pain is intense right now–get on with it, and before long you will find that you have a new vision and a new purpose. Oct. 12

Walking with God isn’t easy as God will expand our faith and work/move in unexpected ways! Exodus 2:22 indicates that Moses (as an adult) became aware of how the Egyptians were mistreating his people. Like Abraham and Sarah, he wanted to bring about change in circumstances. They all relied on their own power, reasoning, and plans! We too make the same mistake when we attempt to bring about a vision from God apart from Him. One wonderful aspect of God’s Living Word is that it presents people as flawed humans even the ones God calls and uses!

Moses’ Desert Experience and Later Call

Moses spends forty years in the desert with sheep. Chambers describes this time as

God allowed Moses to be driven into empty discouragement, sending him into the desert to feed sheep for forty years. . .In the beginning Moses had realized that he was the one to deliver the people, but he had to be trained and disciplined by God first. He was right in his individual perspective, but he was not the person for the work until he had learned true fellowship and oneness with God. Oct. 13

If you’re experiencing a time of spiritual drought/desert experience, perhaps God is molding you for a later task! I have had times in my life where God has “set me aside” to refocus on Him. God has recently placed me in a season of reflection/renewal after a difficult year of teaching. There are moments when I feel discouraged and forgotten. Like others, I want answers and quick actions from God, but that’s not the real meaning of walking with God! God desires that we just as Abraham/Sarah and Moses learn “true fellowship and oneness with God.”

We must also learn that our individual effort for God shows nothing but disrespect for Him–our individuality is to be rendered radiant through a personal relationship with God, so that He may be “well pleased.” If you are going through a time of discouragement, there is a time of great personal growth ahead. Oct. 13

This last sentence concerning “great personal growth ahead” gives us hope! The journey of faith isn’t meant to be easy, comfortable, or self-fulfilling! We can only find our ultimate fulfillment in God’s Infinite Being! The most important task is to be unified with Christ! It is through our relationship with Christ that God works! Recall how that Moses’ face glowed after he met with God! It was a sign of God’s presence and greatness in Moses’ life.”

Remember that because of Christ’s Atonement we too have access to God’s Presence and even have the indwelling Holy Spirit!

When God’s promises seem impossible: Abraham and Sarah

Abram was an old man when God sent him forth on a journey. For twenty-five long years, he and Sarai waited on the promised child to come. Finally, an angelic visitor came bearing news that Sarai would be pregnant. Can we blame Sarai for laughing? She was ninty-nine years old. She was well beyond the age of child bearing! Yet, the visitor assured the old couple that a son “Isaac” would be coming. Sarai (princess) become Sarah (princess of multitude) and Abram (exalted father) to Abraham (father of the multitude). This child named after “he who laughs or he rejoices” would come a year later. Abraham and Sarah wouldn’t live to see the multitude of people/tribes that would come years later. But they walked with God and believed His promises. Hebrews 11:8-12

God Expands the boundaries of our faith

Jon Bloom discusses how God “exposed the boundaries of [our] faith–boundaries he means to expand.” pg 94

Jon Bloom Things not Seen, Chapter 14: “God’s Mercy in Making Us Face the Impossible” following quotes from page 94.

Sometimes our difficult circumstances make it seem impossible for God to fulfill his promises. . . Learning to rest in the promises of God occurs in the crucible of wrestling with unbelief–seasons sometimes long seasons, when everything hand on believing that God “gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exit.” Romans 4:17

We will wrestle with doubts, struggles, and times of silence when walking with God. We will face impossible situations and difficulties that will seem to be without solution! God has a purpose for these moments in our lives!

If you’re in such a season, as difficult as it feels, God is being incredibly kind to you. Because it is in such seasons when we really learn that nothing is too hard for the Lord. Genesis 18:14 Abraham and Sarah “grew strong in [their] faith (Romans 4:20) because God pushed them to believe more than they thought was possible. For the sake of our joy, he does the same for you and me.

Summary Points

  1. God desires relationship and oneness with us! God’s plan and activity in our lives will draw us closer to Him!
  2. Relationship is more important than knowledge or learning. God’s Ways are infinitely above ours and we can’t fully understand Him! Trials lead us to a deeper trust and dependence on God!
  3. God will strengthen our faith and will finish the great work that He has for us! Philippians 1:6

For Christ’s glory,

Lee Stanfill

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Just a pilgrim walking each day with Jesus and hoping to encourage others along the path.

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