The Gift of Joy

For week three of Advent, we will be focusing on the theme of joy. I will daily post videos with a focus on various scripture passages. Video introduction to series below:

Terms for Joy and Meaning

Joy and happiness go together! The Bible doesn’t separate these terms. One can’t express joy while having a sour mood! But we can experience and express joy and happiness even in difficult moments. I recommend that you read What is Joy in the Bible by Aubrey from Words of Faith, Hope, &Love to better understand the words/concepts. Aubrey’s article accurately and concisely explains the Hebrew and Greek terms as well as the cultural connection.

Got questions explains how happiness and joy are related:

Thoughts on Joy

Joy is a Gift!

The angels and later Prophet Simeon and Prophetess Anna rejoice in seeing Christ as a baby coming into the world. God’s Presence and coming Redemption gave them reason to rejoice. The presence of God brings great joy because of His Incarnation and Boundless Grace! God doesn’t leave us lost in the darkness of sin and death. He comes to save us and make us His children! Let’s prepare our hearts to receive Christ each day!

Joy is a gift from God Holy Spirit brings into our lives. I will explain this in greater detail this week in a discussion of Joy as fruit of Holy Spirit. God gives us joy as we trust, obey, and become more like Him in our journey of faith. Want to know how to have more Joy? Got questions explains:

Joy is found in community

God the Father, God’s Only Son Jesus Christ, and God’s Holy Spirit have perfect fellowship, unity, community, and love. All Three Persons of the Holy Trinity are present and active in creation. God creates humans in His image. You can find the concept of Trinity when God says “let us create.” The source of our joy is communing with Jesus, God the Father, and Holy Spirit. God made us for His glory and for us to fellowship with Himself! The very act of creation was God sharing His glory, joy, and love with all of creation! God is Awesome and eagerly desires that we experience His presence in our lives! He is so Good and Perfect that He finds joy in sharing His presence with His creatures. God delights in us coming to Him! Consider the great rejoicing in heaven when one sinner repents!

We also find joy in community with fellow believers and our social groups. Have you ever considered why and how joy can be contagious within a group of people? Think about your friends and loved ones who “brighten” up the entire room with his or her presence!

Joy enables us to persevere and press ahead

Even when facing death and difficulties, we can experience Joy. I’ve seen joy even in others’ darkest moments, because he/she was fully trusting and depending on Christ. These saints knew that death was entrance into Eternal Life in Christ’s presence. Just as nothing can separate us from God’s love, God’s joy and peace are present where He is! I will be discussing specific scriptures for this point later this week. May God increase your joy in His Presence during this third week of Advent!

Monday, Dec. 12 The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength

Psalm 16

Tuesday, Fight for Joy Romans 15:13

Podcast: Fighting for Joy

Wednesday, Christ’s Joy in Us

Thursday, Friday

Saturday, Luke 2

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