Jesus: Our Prince of Peace

Jesus came to reconcile us to the most Important Person we need to be right with: Our Heavenly Father! Jesus’ death and resurrection opened the way for salvation and restoration for what was broken in our human rebellion against God. I explain this concept and more in the following brief video:

In Depth Explanation

Got questions explains this well with plenty of scriptural references!

Key Points

  1. Jesus restores the “broken” relationship between fallen creatures and our Creator. Jesus’ forgiveness, grace, and mercy flows through us as well to others.
  2. Consider the concept of “shalom” Shalom is a Hebrew salutation. Doug Hershey explains this term:
  3. Jesus and God send us Holy Spirit, who is key to maintaining our peace with God and others. Consider that peace is a fruit of Holy Spirit. Spiritual fruits are “signs” or evidence of God’s presence actively working in our lives.
  4. Peace guards our hearts and minds in our relationship with Christ.

May God grant you peace as you consider His Role as Prince of Peace!

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Just a pilgrim walking each day with Jesus and hoping to encourage others along the path.

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