Growing together!

Thanks for making time to read my posts! I enjoy writing posts with links and helpful information to encourage you in your walk of faith. I created this website for the purpose of creating community and sharing insights that have helped me in my own journey. I would like to hear about your journey as well!

I would like feedback on this website: what topics would you be interested in reading about? What is God doing in your life? What is your favorite devotional? I am currently using Oswald Chambers myself. It’s free online at


Any scripture passages or truths that you would like added to the posts? For writing purposes, I prefer to select a few of the most applicable verses or passages (not trying to write a systematic theology here). Do you find the links to Gotquestions helpful?

My desire is to create a safe space wherein anyone is welcome to discuss questions or struggles in the faith journey. I understand that it’s not easy to be vulnerable. Would really like to hear from you all!

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Upcoming Series: Walking with God

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Just a pilgrim walking each day with Jesus and hoping to encourage others along the path.

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