God’s Judgment is Love!

For the third post considering God’s ways, we will focus on the wonderful truth that God’s judgment is also an operation of His love. While this seems to be a contradiction, scripture presents God’s judgment as being a redemptive force. The first chapters (1 to end of 3) of Romans explains how that we allContinue reading “God’s Judgment is Love!”

Uncertainty: God’s Way 2

God’s ways, when necessary, lead us into a state of “uncertainty” within our journey of faith. Uncertainty in this setting is a positive condition! God at times “shakes” up His faithful saints to keep them from getting into a spiritual “rut.” All quotations are from Oswald Chamber’s devotional April 29 “Gracious Uncertainty” https://utmost.org/gracious-uncertainty/ Introductory ThoughtsContinue reading “Uncertainty: God’s Way 2”

God’s Ways 1

Intro I write this blog for those who are hungering for God, longing for the moment when God returns to fulfill history. Walking with God daily and seeking Him is a journey. There will be multiple times when God’s ways don’t make sense. Clouds will obscure His light. Storms of doubt, grief, loss, and pressingContinue reading “God’s Ways 1”