The Blessing of Emptiness

How does God work through the seemingly empty times of our lives? What does it mean to feel empty in life? Why does God send emptiness to us? Join me as I consider how that God empties our lives so that He can fill us with His Glorious Presence! All quotes are from Larry Crabb’sContinue reading “The Blessing of Emptiness”

The Spiritual Journey of Life

Introduction As we live our daily lives, we are on a journey. I want you to consider what it means to be on a spiritual journey and how this will be significantly different from a secular or worldly walk. I will be sharing quotes and paraphrasing from Larry Crabb’s Shattered Dreams: God’s Unexpected Path toContinue reading “The Spiritual Journey of Life”

Abandoning Ourselves to God

I refer to the Christian life as a journey because each believer/follower of Christ is on a journey with Christ. In our journey there are moments of joy and peace but also times of darkness, discouragement, and soul crushing silence from God. So much of what I see written is all about the “good” andContinue reading “Abandoning Ourselves to God”

A Journey to Joy

What are you seeking in this life? Many are mistakenly seeking happiness and a pleasant journey instead of God’s best. Join me in considering how God graciously disrupts our temporary happiness in order to draw us into greater joy and hope in Him. All quotes are from Larry Crabb’s Shattered Dreams: God’s Unexpected Path toContinue reading “A Journey to Joy”

The Fight Against Unbelief

Introduction: Post Purpose Writing (for me ) requires both introspection and timing. I’m writing this post for the individual who struggles against unbelief in his or her journey of faith with God. I want to encourage you by exposing a dangerous “mis”belief (faith is easy) and consider how trials come to faithful followers of Christ.Continue reading “The Fight Against Unbelief”

Resting in God: When God Seems Silent

In writing this particular post, I credit Randy Alcorn’s excellent article about God’s silence for the main ideas/concepts of this post. I recommend that you read this article and glean from it! My desire is to further explore items he mentions. Article Credit: Randy Alcorn: Waiting When God Seems Silent as posted on reading “Resting in God: When God Seems Silent”

Resting in God: The Dark Nights: The Problem of the Whys

This post series is for the soul who is genuinely seeking God regardless of how difficult the journey becomes. According to God’s Word and church history, those who truly sought Christ experienced seasons of darkness, confusion, and the feeling of abandonment. St. John of the Cross, a 16th Century Catholic Priest wrote about his “darkContinue reading “Resting in God: The Dark Nights: The Problem of the Whys”

Entering Into God’s Rest

For the past weeks, I have been considering how that God shatters our dreams in order to bless us. At times in our lives we experience times of weariness and weakness. Today, I would like to focus on how God provides rest. We will consider the relationship between the Matthew 11:28-30, Deuteronomy 12:9-10, and HebrewsContinue reading “Entering Into God’s Rest”

Shattered: The Puzzle

There are moments in our faith journeys wherein life and faith just don’t make sense. Much like putting a puzzle together without the photo from the puzzle box, we feel as though we are left with a bunch of “random” pieces and no way of putting them together. I want to encourage you to considerContinue reading “Shattered: The Puzzle”

Shattered For A Reason: True Hope

As I sit here and type these words, the snow is coming down. Considering that it was in the upper 70s days ago, the reality of winter weather is upon us! Have you considered what Jesus says about hope? How did He find hope in His difficult moments? Join me as I share quotes andContinue reading “Shattered For A Reason: True Hope”