Trusting as we wait

Quotations from NKJV Bible Gateway and Dr. Larry Crabb When God’s Ways Make No Sense unless indicated otherwise Article Post Read Aloud/Commentary Podcast at Link Below Setting: When reading the passages from Lamentations, we need to consider the context: For a quick overview of Lamentations: Passage 1 : Lamentations 3:20-26 NKJV: RememberContinue reading “Trusting as we wait”

Moses: Choosing Hardship: Waiting on God Blog #2

Post Introduction All quotes in this blog post come from Larry Crabb’s Waiting for Heaven Chapter 6: “Foolish Choices” In the previous post, I present three things that Moses turned away from in his journey of faith. In this writing, I want to consider three things Moses turned toward. Considering all the many mighty movements/miraclesContinue reading “Moses: Choosing Hardship: Waiting on God Blog #2”

Moses: Choosing to wait Part 1

Introduction: Quick Overview of Moses In studying any great person of faith, we need the proper focus in which to glean Biblical truths. The following truths are applicable in focusing on individuals the real hero and star of every account is God–God reveals Himself as He works through various individuals to accomplish His redemptive planContinue reading “Moses: Choosing to wait Part 1”