God Is At Work!

God is at work in your life as He brings you closer to Himself!



1. The Goal of Our Lives!

God is over every single event of your life! His power and wisdom are on display in our lives and what we go through! God uses events and struggles to make us useful to Him. Have you encountered someone who is truly gentle, compassionate, and kind? What about a friend, family member, or coworker who understands where you are at or what you are going through? This is God at work!

We best understand others’ sufferings and difficulties when we have suffered and struggled ourselves. God is at work in your life–especially when things are hard and you daily seek Him because you have no other alternative. This process keeps us humble and leads us to be more compassionate and understanding of others. Are you walking with God through your struggles and difficulties?

2. God teaches us in our present difficulties

God gives us opportunities to learn each day. Are you seeking His wisdom and guidance as you face difficult people and situations? Are you growing in your compassion for others, or turning away and seeking your own good or easy way out?

3. Relationship with Christ is our source of understanding

We want to know what God’s purpose is before the storm of suffering comes. This isn’t the right way. The right way is through fellowship with Jesus–growing in our love, trust, and dependence on Him as we daily obey His leading! Properly knowing God comes through reading, and applying His Living Word to your present circumstances. God has graciously provided us with the books of Job and Psalms for us to read and pray through.

4. There is no shortcut, take the long road not the easy path!

Just as Christ suffered and labored for His Heavenly Father, so must we in our journeys of faith! There is no easy or quick way to become like Christ! We become like Him as God works through our lives-molding and shaping us into new creations!

Closing Thoughts

We can’t follow God and our ambitions/selfish plans! We daily submit to God trusting that He will supernaturally renew and transform our minds.

Walking through uncertain and difficult times have an important purpose: to keep us humble and dependent on God! We (as finite, fallen humans) can’t fully perceive what God is doing in our lives, but we can trust and depend on Him! We can lean on His everlasting arms, knowing that God is working for the best. The best for us is for us to be radically transformed and made anew in Him!

What if the things that you are grappling with today have a future purpose? God is teaching, shaping, and renewing you! God is also preparing and equipping you to love and serve others! May God bless and encourage you in your journey of faith. For God’s glory, honor, and your edification, I write these words:

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Just a pilgrim walking each day with Jesus and hoping to encourage others along the path.

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