Jesus Will Come Again!

Jesus comes first as a baby in a manger to live, die, and come to life again to save us! He will also come again to finish history. Are you ready for Him? The world and our fallen nature(s) seek to distract from the truth that He is coming again. His Second Coming will be as a Victorious King. He delays to give more people an opportunity to repent and trust Him!

I want to encourage you to consider the Gospel Message as revealed in the Gospels. Jesus doesn’t command us to make a “decision” for Him. He doesn’t manipulate anyone’s emotions to walk a church aisle or come forward to “receive” Himself. I believe in making a public profession of faith, baptism by immersion in water in the example of Jesus, joining a church to love, serve, and grow in faith. I believe Holy Spirit convicts us of our need for a Messiah and Spiritual Regeneration. I also recognize the reality of an emotional response to Holy Spirit’s conviction. Yet, it is Christ alone who saves us–not any act that we do publicly or privately. I am terrified of people thinking that they are redeemed (because they walked a church aisle or any other religious act that didn’t change them) when in fact they are not!

Jesus commands us to repent and believe upon His Name for salvation. His call to salvation is a miracle! His call is effective and transformative. A profession of faith doesn’t save, but trusting and following Christ does. Depending on His grace brings renewal and redemption. No renewal means no redemption. We can’t experience God’ grace and stay the same! Christ holds onto His Children, we go astray but He will bring us back. We can rage and rebel, but His grace and presence will soften our heartened, broken hearts.

The Gospels teach us that we must die to self, take up our crosses, and walk on the narrow, hard path to Him! To walk with the Messiah means that we die to our fallen, human, self-centered nature. Holy Spirit works in our lives to conform us to Christ our Messiah.

Christ is the only way to redemption. His Sacrificial Redemption and Atonement is the only way to experience True, Abundant Life. Life is found in Christ, not in our self-improvement plans/desires, relationships with other humans, careers, or religious notions!

God’s Love is A Strong Refuge

God loves us more than we can imagine! His love and presence transforms us! God’s love is a place of refuge during times of grief and loss. We will dance with joy for all eternity in His Presence giving thanks for His Amazing Grace! During my college years, one of my fellow students suddenly died. His death came as a horrible shock as he was athletic and healthy; yet passed within a few hours of falling ill (fatal bacterial meningitis). As we gathered to remember his life and to grieve his loss, our worship team performed the song: Sing A Song of Celebration: We Will Dance. It was a reminder that death isn’t the end. Our destiny is far greater than anything we endure on earth including the loss of friends and loved ones. It was comforting to know that our friend was dancing in God’s Presence and that his life had meaning and purpose even though it was cut short.

Because He came to Redeem us, we can welcome His Second Coming to Close History

Walk with Christ daily and He will shine through your life as an example to others. We are surrounded by lost and hurting souls. Seize every opportunity to proclaim God’s grace and desire to redeem! God is in the business of saving the lost! No one is beyond His redemption, no matter how “messed” up he or she may seem to be. God chooses the weak and despised to shame the wise and strong of the world. May God’s love and grace shine through you as you compassionately love those you encounter!

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Just a pilgrim walking each day with Jesus and hoping to encourage others along the path.

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