Growth Resources

If you’re seeking spiritual renewal, healing, and growth, here’s some free You Tube resources to challenge and encourage you! Consider investing time daily to read, reflect, and internalize some of the excellent videos and written materials!

The Purpose of Renewal

Walking with God transforms and renews our lives. Holy Spirit brings truths and healing into our lives as we seek Him daily! In walking with God and serving Him, I’ve experienced different seasons of serving and resting. Rest and growth are critical to staying “fresh” and healthy. God graciously provides us with time to renew, heal, and prepare for present/future service opportunities.

At times, God will “pull” us aside to work on us–to get our focus back on Him! I enjoy these suggested resources as I work through and grow in areas of personal issues– to become more emotionally and spiritually healthy. God graciously calls us to times of reflection and pause to grow deeper “roots” to nourish us from times of activity and service.

You Tube Channels

Mark DeJesus creates excellent videos in relation to emotional healing and growth. He provides helpful advice on dealing with shame, perfectionism, and relationships. Mark teaches about OCD and numerous other emotional and mental health issues. He discusses “safe” relationships and how to develop good practices in relating with others. He has various online courses, books, and helpful you tube videos that will challenge you and direct you to mature and grow spiritually.

Favorite Pastors

Pastors have you tube channels. I personally enjoy Love Worth Finding with Adrian Rogers. Most of Dr. Roger’s sermons are around thirty-minutes and easy to understand/follow. Perhaps you have a “favorite” couple of pastors that encourage you!

Many of his sermons are online- it’s a great way to start the day by listening to him preach on various topics. This ministry also has pdf versions and outlines of his sermons if you hear a sermon and want to do additional reading/studying.

It’s beneficial to plan time to hear God’s Word proclaimed. John McArthur (Grace to You) and many others have sermons online as well. Thankfully most of these sermons are free!

Here’s some ideas on how to incorporate you tube sermons/explanations into your spiritual journey:

  1. As you daily read God’s Word–write down questions, topics, terms, etc. as you read through the text–then search you tube for sermons relating to your notes. Keep a prayer and spiritual journal!
  2. Set aside 30 minutes a day to listen to a pastor exegetically teaching through a book of the Bible. John MacArthur famously preaches verse by verse–that’s what the term exegetical means–seeking to understand the meaning and proper application of a specific biblical text. I recommend reading the text yourself first then later listening to gain deeper insights/applications.
  3. Make a list of issues or difficulties that you are facing–search on you tube for biblical advice or coaching on how to navigate. Pray through the passages and consider applying the truths to your situation/how to encourage someone else. Sharing what you learn is a great way to encourage others! However, understand that not everyone will appreciate or respond to what you share.
  4. Remember that you don’t have to agree with everything that a biblical teacher or coach teaches/or discusses. However, it’s important to ensure that the teachings are consistent with a proper interpretation of God’s Word. Most faith based ministries/organizations have statements of faith on their website. I strongly recommend that you read this vital information.

Why Resources for Renewal?

God desires that we are growing and maturing in all areas of our lives! How we think, live, and relate to others matters because God glorifies Himself through us! I don’t want to make this overly complicated. However, we all have areas of our lives that need God’s healing and restoration. Like other believers, I have numerous aspects of my life that needs God’s touch as well. Here’s some ideas on spiritual growth:

  1. Understand that everyone has difficulties/or is facing issues in life–trying to appear as though we are “perfect” or trouble free leads to self-righteousness. Rest and seek transformation in God’s grace instead of self-improvement, or legalistic fixes to “problems.”
  2. Accept God’s grace in your life. God walks with His people through the broken and sinful areas of our lives. God exposes and brings to light what we often want to keep in the darkness! Why do we often hide and try to cover up the brokenness? This leads to shame and guilt which doesn’t lead to healing and growth.
  3. Consider who is “safe” when sharing your trials and areas of your life. Develop discernment about what you reveal to whom and appropriately within community to share. Mark DeJesus helps with this:
    • Understand that “unsafe” people aren’t irredeemable or hopeless. We all experience times in our lives wherein we have bad habits, lack patience, and struggle and need time to heal! Active listening is a work in progress that requires practice! Work to be a “safe” person by cultivating active listening, having integrity/discernment in how you respond to what others share!
    • Discernment in sharing means that we are discerning in what we share and that we share things appropriately! For example, we share things in a manner within community that edifies and encourages others not accusing or harshly criticizing.
  4. when God works in your life and encourages you–share the truths/testimony with others! A testimony occurs when we proclaim what God has done for us in simple terms–doesn’t have to be something grand!
Concluding Thoughts

Thanks for reading and considering how to grow and renew yourself! In coming weeks, I will be posting you tube videos to encourage you with various topics of life. I appreciate your prayers and even comments as I discern and plan on how to most efficiently and effectively encourage you! What are some of your favorite or most helpful resources? Feel free to comment on this page.

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