Light for Our Dark Moments

I hope that all of you have enjoyed Christmas with your family and friends! As we approach a new year and reflect on the past moments of 2021, I want you to consider that Jesus is our Light. Introductory Thoughts: Important Motiff and Imagery John 8:12 The apostle John in his Gospel of John, epistles,Continue reading “Light for Our Dark Moments”

God’s Gift to Us: His Son Jesus Post 3

Introduction to Post 3 As we consider how God shapes our lives through our broken dreams, let’s take a moment to consider the greatest gift God gives! The apostle John opens his Gospel of John in verses four and five with: 4 In Him was life, and the life was the Light of mankind. 5 And theContinue reading “God’s Gift to Us: His Son Jesus Post 3”

Shattered Dreams Blog #2

How do the events and circumstances of our lives relate to God and His movement within? Oswald Chambers in his December 18 “Test of Faithfulness” gives us some practical and valuable insights! All quotations are from this powerful devotional. Introductory Thoughts Are the events of our lives random? Do you recognize the “hands” of GodContinue reading “Shattered Dreams Blog #2”

Introduction: Shattered Dreams Series

We will face times of trial and trouble in our lives. Just as there are seasons in weather, so we too encounter seasons in our journey of faith. One of the more difficult seasons of faith comes when our dreams, hopes, and plans “shatter” and fall apart. It’s easy to become angry and bitterly disappointedContinue reading “Introduction: Shattered Dreams Series”

Desiring God: Hope for You!

I concluded my last blog post with these words from Larry Crabb which have encouraged me on my daily walk with God: You will not completely stop sinning. Repentance is required every day. But redemption, regeneration, and reconciliation-the wonder of grace makes it possible for the sinner and the saint you are to enjoy God’sContinue reading “Desiring God: Hope for You!”

Desiring God: Blog 2

Introduction Perhaps the best place to start in desiring God is to admit that we often don’t desire God as much as we should. Quotes are from Freedom from the Incurable Addiction to Self Waiting for Heaven by Larry Crabb unless otherwise noted. Pastor Carey reminds us: So, then how do we proceed? First, weContinue reading “Desiring God: Blog 2”

Desiring God: Blog Part 1

Thanks for joining me for part 1 of the blog Desiring God P1. For Part one, I want to introduce the idea of our desires. Part two will be some practical considerations to help us improve our desires. All quotes will be from Larry Crabbs’ Freedom from the Incurable Addiction to Self: Waiting for HeavenContinue reading “Desiring God: Blog Part 1”

Christ: Our Focal Point

Quotes and Thoughts Source: Oswald Chambers Devotional Faith or Experience Nov. 13 Central Scripture: Galatians 2:20 20 I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, whoContinue reading “Christ: Our Focal Point”