Hoping in God While We Wait!

Introduction For the scope of this post, I will briefly summarize the narrative of Joseph. God began His work on Joseph while he was a teen. Joseph’s story begins in Genesis Chapter 37 verse 2. As a young man, Joseph tends to his father’s sheep and reports his brothers’ bad actions. Jacob show favoritism byContinue reading “Hoping in God While We Wait!”

When There is No Word from God

Waiting on God Part 1: When God doesn’t speak: lessons from Abraham, Joseph, Moses, and David. Purpose and Introduction The primary focus of this blog will be on Abraham with brief insights from Joseph, Moses, and David. This blog is intended for fellow believers who are enduring the silence of God during a trying timeContinue reading “When There is No Word from God”

Waiting on God Series Introduction

Do you enjoy waiting? Probably not if your honest! My least favorite places to go–the doctor’s office, and DMV usually involve a long wait. Might there be a purpose in God having us wait? Do you think that it is possible that God has a purpose and plan in our times of waiting on Him?Continue reading “Waiting on God Series Introduction”

Journey of Forgiveness

How do we live with grace, mercy, compassion, and kindness in our lives when others hurt and despise us? We walk with Christ! Part of the Christian journey involves forgiving others and ourselves so that we can be free to love and serve others. This blog post will combine 5-6 min video presentations with writtenContinue reading “Journey of Forgiveness”

When God’s task/call seems impossible

Introduction If you were to encounter me at the park with my kites you might think that I was crazy if you watched me. First, you would observe me launching a green delta kite. As you watch it rise into the sky, it would appear to dance and move erratically as it ascends through variousContinue reading “When God’s task/call seems impossible”

Truly Following Christ: Understanding the Messiah & The Cost of Being His Disciple

For today’s word of encouragement, we need to thoughtfully consider the call of Christ on our lives. Jesus taught multiple lessons during His time of earth. He performed miracles such as feeding thousands of people with four loves and a few small fish. He cast out demons, restored the blind, and healed the sick. CrowdsContinue reading “Truly Following Christ: Understanding the Messiah & The Cost of Being His Disciple”

God’s Amazing Grace: Made Anew

Paul in Romans teaches that all humans have a sinful nature that wars against God and others. One of the most beautiful truths of Christianity is the transforming power of God’s grace! Have you ever wondered why some of Jesus’ teaching(s) in the Gospels seem hard if not impossible to live out? Today’s thoughts comeContinue reading “God’s Amazing Grace: Made Anew”

Grief to Joy: God Redeems

Has God redeemed you? Are there aspects of your life that seem hopeless, lost, or dead? How can we move forward in our lives when our dreams, careers, and/or loved ones are sources of loss and grief? No one is immune from the trials, tribulations, and losses of life. As sinners living in a brokenContinue reading “Grief to Joy: God Redeems”

Fan or Follower Thoughts Part 1

Are you a true follower of Jesus Christ or just an admiring fan? Join me as I expound on some quotations from Not a Fan. Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus by Kyle Idleman. Question 1: Have you made a decision for Jesus or have you committed to Jesus? The first question for youContinue reading “Fan or Follower Thoughts Part 1”